UMEME ontstond uit een voorliefde voor analoge electronica en Afrikaanse ritmes. Ontelbare nachtelijke jamsessies leidden tot een samensmelting van house, techno en acid.

Umeme originates out of the love for analogue electronics and African rhythms. Over the course of countless nocturnal jam sessions, they found a striking way to fuse these two extremes, with subtle acid, house and techno accents.
Umeme, aka the Swahilian thunderbolt, shows you that a machine can be alive and on fire. Droning out intense rhythms with colorful overlays of synth and percussion. You might think that what you hear has to be robotic, with beats no man should be able to produce himself, but all is live performed.
There is no better way to experience this energy then seeing them play their music live on stage. That is where the magic happends and where they suck you right in to it. Where they find the beat, drive it up the wall and never let go.
Umeme is always on the move, creating impact, challenging their boundries, leaving every track, album or performance with a different sound and signature. They are a figurehead of a new and upcoming subculture, where the art of performing live music is making a prominent way into the electronic dance scene, creating the future club and festival conditions as we speak.

LuilekkerLent, Pelseland 5
15.00-15.45 uur