I’m such a clown to myself

Keep wondering why working on my sculpture makes so sad but then I realized that the project originates from a cruel moment in my life having to let go of the young creature (while she was in horrific pain) who I felt a mother to. Actually, I should say ‘feel a mother to’, because by letting her go I did not loose my role and feelings of motherhood towards her.

In texts for a catalog and for my website, I didn’t mention the personal nature of this project. I kept merely mentioning the universal layers the work contains. Such as voice as a radical medium and softness as a weapon/ power to survive violent situations. I denied the personal part with such intensity, I almost tricked myself.

Consciously didn’t mention this side of my work because my feelings are not up for discussion. While some people like to discuss definitions of motherhood and presence of emotional dynamics between animals. I tried to protect us. Emotions are so strong.

Expeditie Noord is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met Derde Wal - platform voor hedendaagse kunst

Locatie: Fabrikaat